Urban Indigenous Youth-Building Healthy Teen Relationships Workshop Tools Now Available!

NAFC’s National Aboriginal Youth Council (AYC), with the funding support of the Canadian Women’s Foundation, created a workshop building on the theme of healthy teen relationships from an urban Indigenous youth perspective with a focus on leadership and equity. The developed workshop was presented at the Gathering Our Voices Conference in March 20-23, 2018 and later presented at the AYC Annual Youth Forum in July 14-16, 2018.

The focus of this workshop was to look at internal and external balance in relation to the relationship with oneself and others. The teachings of the Medicine Wheel were shared to represent and guide conversations on the life cycle and the 7 Grandfather teachings. The workshop accomplished this through the balance life sheets. 


The Balanced Life sheet is a tool to reflect on your life’s journey, as the choices you make effect your life. It is a reflective exercise and a tool to assist in assessing yourself, in any role you play; in your community, or at home, or work, reflection is an important part of learning.


During the workshop a variety of resources for healthy relationships were used and can all be found on the New Journey’s website:


Balanced life internal sheet

Balanced life external sheet

Balanced life Relationships sheet

New Journeys Resources

Relationship situation #1

Relationship situation #2

Relationship situation #3

Relationship situation #4

PSA Worksheet #5

We hope that sharing the presentation, balanced life sheet, personal contributions and the New Journeys resources that you or your organization can host a Healthy Relationship Workshop in your community.

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