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Have a question that isn’t answered here? Reach out to us at newjourneys@nafc.ca

What is New Journeys?

New Journeys is your online Friendship Centre resource. New Journeys is an online platform for telling and sharing stories pertaining to Indigenous experiences in Canada. New Journeys is also a one-stop mobile and online resource featuring potentially life-saving resources, services, and information to help urban Indigenous youth, young families and others seeking to know more about their surroundings.

What are the rules for posting?

Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences and hopes as often as you want. Warning: we’ll be removing anything that’s mean, rude or just off-topic.

Someone is posting rude comments. How do I get them removed?

Press flag on the comment to alert a moderator.

I want to submit my own stories and blogs. How do I do that?

If you’re interested in submitting something to the site, please contact us at newjourneys@nafc.ca.

There’s a really cool person/organization/thing that you need to write about.

We love getting story ideas! If you have an idea, please contact the moderators at newjourneys@nafc.ca. Please understand that we might not add the story on the site.

Who’s running New Journeys?

New Journeys was created by the National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC). The New Journeys team includes moderators, content writers and leadership from the NAFC.