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5 Ways TipToenNMaJrdns stays sane during the holidays

Stressed out? These tips can help

The holidays are always so stressful! Shopping, travelling, decorating and trying to maintain some sanity with these activities too will raise your stress levels through the roof! I’ve come up with five tips that keep me calm and stress-free during the holidays.

1) MAKE SURE YOU GET TIME TO YOURSELF. Things are crazy! You want to make sure you can have alone time to debrief. For example, take a couple hours out of the day to do what makes you happy; I like to go on a drive or on a walk and listen to music or         take a bath. Alone time is key to keeping yourself from getting stressed.

2) STAY BUSY. Keeping yourself distracted from the things that stress you out is really  helpful. I like working out, going on runs, spending time with my family, blogging, etc.

3) BAKE MORE. I absolutely love baking, and there isn’t a better time to bake than the  holidays! Round up some friends or family and bake some cute Christmas cookies. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” more than warm gingerbread cookies and hot cocoa.

4) SLEEP. Sleep is key to avoid stress during the holidays. You have time off work and/or school, now is your chance to catch up on those Z’s!

5) SPEND TIME WITH THE FAMILY. This holiday season is all about love and giving. Go on weekly outings with your family, curl up around the TV and watch a Christmas movie, make decorations together or play a board game. Being with your family is essential to     keeping yourself calm during the holiday season.

Sometimes, though, family can be the source of stress, and when that's the case I double down on 1-4 and make sure I have somewhere safe to be when I need a break. A while back, we shared some other tips to help prepare yourself for situations you might not feel prepared for during the holidays. Check them out here.

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