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10 foolproof ways to get ready for back to school

August 27, 2015
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It's time to shake yourself out of summer mode

The start of the school year is just around the corner. Some of you might be feeling really excited, and some of you might be dreading it. Either way, there are things you can do so that you won’t go into total shock in the first week back.


1) Start working towards a good sleep schedule

If you start to set your clock back a little earlier each day, week day wake-ups won’t be such a huge transition. Go little by little each day so it doesn’t overwhelm your body.

A good night's sleep makes all the difference. Via

2) Make sure you get some physical activity

Exercise is just as important for your brain function as it is your body!

Good for the body, good for the mind. Via

3) Start planning your meals around your school schedule

If you’re eating breakfast at 10am or later, your body will be a bit angry at you when it needs energy during math class, when you're trying to remember whether it's BEMDAS or BEDMAS. Start eating meals and snacks when you'll have food breaks during school so your tummy doesn’t put on a show in the middle of class.

Don't be this baby. Via

4) Do some brain training

Puzzles, crosswords, sudoku; they're like weight lifting for your brain. #gettinghuge #doyouevenliftbro

How many reps should I do? Via

5) Keep a journal

Writing about your day in a journal helps to keep your creative juices flowing so when you are asked to write a short story at school, it will roll out of you no prob.

"You won't believe what BO said to me today." Via

6) Set a schedule 

Had one of those summers where each day blends together and you just go where the wind takes you? This makes for great memories and awesome adventures but horrible for getting back into routine. If you don’t want school life to be like bootcamp, start setting a schedule now.

There's probably an app for that. Via

7) Organize

Is your study space covered with beach towels and sunscreen? Get your homework spot ready for use now.

Beautilful. Via

8) Set goals for the year

Want to get better grades, be more organized or get involved in a new activity? Set goals for yourself for the school year and write them in your journal.

Shameless and only slightly on topic puppy gif. Via

9)  Read books for fun

Your social science text book might be so boring that it makes your eyes water, or maybe puts you straight to sleep. It'll be easier to get through those chapters if you're already in the habit of reading. Try something that interests you or entertains you — even magazines are helpful in training your brain to read. Check out our list of books by Indigenous authors to get you started.


10) Cut back on electronics

I know, this one is hard, but staring at your phone for hours is more of a bad habit than you might think, and who wants to get their phone confiscated by the teacher? Start training yourself out of the habit by slowly cutting down the time you spend attached to your phone.

But... but... I love my phone... Via

It's a major bummer that summer is winding down, but you'll thank yourself later for being extra prepared for the school year!

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