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A recent StatsCan study on suicidal thoughts isn't good news, but there are places to go and people to talk to if you need help

Earlier this week, Statistics Canada reported that more than one in five Aboriginal adults living off reserve have contemplated suicide at some point in their lives.

These thoughts are higher among Indigenous people than among non-Indigenous people. The only exception in the StatsCan study are Métis men, who mirror the experience of non-Aboriginal men in terms of suicidal thoughts.

These are troubling stats, and ones that points to some dark things many of us face.

But anyone struggling isn’t alone. If you’re having a difficult time, you’re not alone. There are many resources and there are people to talk to.

We've listed a number of resources on New Journeys as well as published stories about struggle and hope. If you're in a bad place or are looking for help, here are a few links and stories that might be useful. 

Need help or someone to talk to?

Substance use

Death is not the answer

Culture saves lives

#DearNativeYouth is a message of hope

You can find the full StatsCan study here


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